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Sign up for the 32 Borough Cup - Boxing edition

Saturday 24th September 12pm is the deadline to sign up for the competition!!

Grassroots for Good will be delivering the 32 Borough Cup - Boxing edition which will be coming soon to London

We will be working closely with partners Rathbone Boxing Clubs and F4P, as we give young people the chance to take part in combat sport in a safe environment. The deadline for all participants is the 24th September 12pm 2022

This is 'white collar' event and we encourage female participants to take part too. Participants will be assigned a hub training centre, where they will receive a couple free sessions and workshops before the main competition.

Hub Training Centre

South London - Bermondsey

North London - Camden

West London - Westminster

East London - Greenwich


Qualifying event - late November 2022

Semi/Final - February 2023

Prize winning for cash will be available for each category, and will be announced in due course. International coordinator/CEO at Grassroots for Good, Brian Akintokun, delivered this statement "We are excited to bring the 32 Borough Cup, London - Boxing, to the sport of boxing, as we want to provide more opportunities for people to take part in grassroots sports and opportunities to grow their skilset"

"We also want more young women and girls to enquire, and see whether this is something they would like to try as we have excellent and experienced boxing partners and sponsors on board to support these events!"

Sign up by email to, Borough Cup - Boxing

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