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We are a network of grassroots community clubs who subscribe to collective values, and embrace these aims and objectives. We lobby and fundraise for the development and sustainability of socially conscious grassroots community clubs that create positive social impact alongside their sporting aims.


Our Grassroots community clubs' values are:


- Embracing equality, diversity and inclusion amongst their staff, players, volunteers and beneficiaries 

- Aims to create positive environmental and social impact to improve their communities and environment

- Actively promote inclusive environments' for beneficiaries of all backgrounds

- A commitment to give fans and supporters a voice, in a meaningful way like fan-led ownership and fan-led forums' and media

- Advocate on behalf of the Grassroots game, as we look to protect sites and grounds for sporting and community use


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We will lobby, campaign and champion these values across the football world.

This network of grassroots clubs will lobby, campaign and champion these values across the beautiful game, as we look to expand the 'grassroots football revolution' started by Hackney Wick FC to further places across the UK and wider football world. We  believe that grassroots football has a positive role to play in helping communities to thrive and improve social/environmental conditions which need to be addressed, so this campaign will focus minds towards how we can all work together to demonstrate good practice and inclusion, equality and diversity.

Our partnership began from the '32 Borough Cup' which brought 32 grassroots community clubs together to tackle youth violent crime and give young people positive activities using the power of football. From this success, we felt it was necessary to expand this work into other areas which improve grassroots communities, the environment and peoples' lives.









Our aims is to expand this partnership beyond the 32 member clubs and promote these values across the footballing world to include professional clubs too - as all clubs begin from the grassroots level.

We want to focus on growing the grassroots community football game through (however every club will have there own  unique priorities and agendas):

- Health and wellbeing

- Volunteering and community engagement

- Addressing inequalities and enhancing community cohesion

-  delivering educational activities

We want to use the power of grassroots community football to help tackle some of the issues we face both on and off the pitch, and this time - for Good!

This is going to bring the youths togeth
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