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Hackney Wick FC founders' launch 'GRASSROOTS FOOTBALL FOR GOOD' campaign to expand their revolution

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

The campaign has been launched by Hackney Wick FC's Community Development Director, Brian Akintokun and COO Bobby Kasanga to highlight how grassroots community football can change lives and improve communities for the better. This is a continuation of the grassroots football revolution which is has been taking place within grassroots football in the UK and has expanded online to try and raise the profile of the game to provide more people with opportunities.

"We are delighted to launch this campaign to share our good practice across the world, of how grassroots community football can create local champions and tackle many of the issues we face like racism, social exclusion and poor health and well-being". said Brian

Bobby Kasanga said the following, "We want to show that working together can help create more social impacts within communities like our in Hackney, using the power of grassroots community football".

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