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Hackney Wick FC and their sponsors LFS, created jobs for local community champions

Sponsors for grassroots community football club, Hackney Wick FC provide workshops for local players to take part in.

LFS were joined at the FIREX international expo by grassroots community football club Hackney Wick FC, were they provided opportunities for some young player to join their sector.

The partnership is part of our drive where sponsors of football club work together to enhance the level of social impact, and provide jobs and opportunities to local grassroots players and fans

Grassroots for good want to support clubs and businesses to come together for mutual gain, especially on employment and diversity/inclusion indicators. "We want the power of football to help local communities, businesses and teams to become stronger by working together to improve issues in society - especially around unemployment", International coordinator, Brian Akintokun

Hackney Wick FC and LFS staff pictured below

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