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Grassroots for Good attend University conference on sports and social impact in London

Grassroots for Good staff and ambassadors attended London based conference to discuss how Grassroots community sports can help change communities and wider society.

The conference held by Loughborough University, was the start of a wider collaboration between the two institutions towards delivering a number of sports-based workshops towards their students and the wider community on how sport can help to address issues like community safety, domestic violence and community engagement.

The conference featured Bobby Kasanga speak to students on his journey (pictured left) and how sport help him to rebuild his life after a tough upbringing in South and East London.

"Sports and community engagement has played a big part in our journey, and now is the time where sport can help play a wider role to help bring positive change within communities and countries all over the world", Brian Akintokun, International coordinator, (pictured right)

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