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Grassroots football and boxing combined

Player from the grassroots football revolution went to visit Rathbone Boxing Club to collaborate and learn boxing-style conditioning training for Pre-season preparation.

Players and staff from Hackney Wick FC took part in the exercise with Greg boxing coach from popular BBC series, Idris Elba's Fight Club.

Grassroots for Good collaborate with a range of grassroots sports providers to help build the infrastructure all around the world, and improve peoples access to sport from grassroots level upwards.

Brian Akintokun, International coordinator commented on the visit and collaboration, "We want to help grow all levels of grassroots sports, especially the ones which actively want to grow by providing access to all groups, and deliver social impact along the way".

"Rathbone Boxing Club do great work to help train people in Boxing and provide great outlets for their aggression and competitive spirit"

Pictured below, Players/staff from Hackney Wick FC and Rathbone Boxing Club

second picture, Yilmaz Sami, Hackney Wick FC first team Head coach, Greg White, Rathbone Boxing Club, Brian Akintokun, International Coordinator/CEO Grassroots for Good

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