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Get your local Club involved by putting Grassroots for Good logo on your kit sleeve!

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Sign up today and show your commitment towards diversity, equality and inclusion by having the Grassroots for Good badge on your clubs' kit sleeve!

Clubs who applied will have to show the following examples:

- Embracing equality, diversity and inclusion amongst their staff, players, volunteers and beneficiaries 

- Aims to create positive environmental and social impact to improve their communities and environment

- Actively promote inclusive environments' for beneficiaries of all backgrounds

- A commitment to give fans and supporters a voice, in a meaningful way

These will done through a brief questionnaire and interview with Grassroots for Good staff, to show that club officials' and culture embrace these values. There will also be reviews every season to show which clubs continue to actively embrace these values and evidence of good practice will be shared and celebrated on our network and platforms - as we will champion the good clubs and ambassadors in the Game. Hackney Wick FC, Community Development director Brian Akintokun, stated the following "As we move forward in the fight against discrimination within the Game, from grassroots level upwards, we encourage clubs incorporate the badge as well as go thorough this annual checklist. So we can celebrate the good, and ensure everyone is doing their part to improve conditions in the game we all love". "The sleeve logo shows others that clubs will take this fight 'seriously' and even though this is a positive campaign, we all need to be vigilant to not show complacency both within the clubs and amongst our supporters/fans

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