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Mayor of London visits Grassroots for Good!

Updated: May 12, 2021

On a visit to Hackney Wick FC, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said he sees himself in the borough's youth and pledged to invest in young people across London.

Speaking at Hackney Marshes on May 22, he explained: “When I meet young people in Hackney they remind me of myself 30 or 40 years ago.

"I grew up in council estate in Tooting and I didn’t know anybody who went to work in a suit. My role models were my big brothers and my dad, my coaches at the boxing gym or my coaches playing football and cricket.

“We’ve got to invest in our young people, rather than complaining afterwards when a small minority get involved with violent crime.”

London's mayor, who is seeking re-election on May 6, also praised the Hackney club for the work it does to support young people in the local community and emphasised the importance of grassroots sport.

“I love Hackney Wick. They’re a good example of a grassroots club working with young Londoners. Not everyone’s going to become an elite footballer, but sport has a really powerful way of changing peoples’ lives for the better.

“Sport has this wonderful ability to teach you life skills. How to be magnanimous in victory, dignified in defeat.

"How to work as a team. How to make friends. And those life skills I have used - whether it’s been running a business, in politics or being a dad.”

Brian Akintokun, International coordinator, said that supporting young people is at the heart of the clubs mission.

“It’s not just playing football and entertaining people, it's actually doing a social good", he said.

He added: “Grassroots football has been on its knees for the last few years and the elite clubs are really not doing as much as they can to support their communities and society.”

"we want to grow the grassroots football revolution across this great city and all over the world, where fan's voices are heard, social impact, diversity and inclusion are at the centre of the game"

Bobby Kasanga, HWFC/grassroots for good!

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

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